Yshirt and me

The first hybrid soap in Yoshiwara, where you can choose from a wide range of girls in their 20's to 30's. If you want to enjoy young and inexperienced girls, we recommend the 【Apprentice Bride Course】. For those who want to enjoy the sexiness of a mature adult, we recommend the "Married Woman's Training Course".
For those who want to enjoy the traditional beauty techniques, we recommend the [Darling Course]. Also, for the first time in a budget store! You can experience double the excitement with the Tandem Course.
We promise that you will be more blissful and satisfied than you paid for.
Y-shirts and my promise to you

All cast members and staff members will be temperature checked and infection control measures will be taken. We do not modify photos for promotional materials excessively. We will not have any cast members who are not on our roster (dummy attendance).

Until the encounter. 
You can choose a cast member from their photo at the store.
If you are not sure about choosing a cast member, we will ask you about the type of woman you prefer and support your encounter in detail.
All of our staff members are looking forward to hearing from you.